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Share your travel plans & receive tips on how to enjoy a more fun & sustainable trip. Add incredibly meaningful ImpactBoosters to create a real life changing trip!

What are ImpactBoosters?

ImpactBoosters range from free & sponsored to paid add-on itinerary sustainability enhancers like awesome experiences, activities & tours across Brazil plus carbon offsets, tree plantations & verified high-impact socio-economic contributions.
In addition to making your trip both more fun & meaningful, ImpactBoosters increase the ImpactScore of your itinerary & add credit to your account bringing you closer to awesome travel rewards. 

Pass It On

Be social to earn more. Know someone else who cares? Invite your friends &, when they join too, you earn even more credit. Life changing experiences are even more rewarding when shared!

What's ImpactScore?

All ImpactBoosters are especially selected by our Impact Development Team, sustainable tourism experts & conscious travelers like you. 

Itineraries, tours & experiences are verified & ranked via ImpactScore, our proprietary dynamic co-created sustainability rating system that evaluates important performance indicators in safety, quality &, of course, the social, environmental & economic impacts. 

Get Recognized

Earn a reputation as a responsible traveler by joining the Impact Traveler movement. Qualify for awesome travel rewards from generous organizations that care too.

How To Earn More, Faster?

You too are involved in all the interactive fun of ranking tours & travel products. By helping co-create the ImpactScore of products, you're validating claims made by ImpactBooster providers, encouraging them to do even more good. 

This is how you gain extra credit in your personal Impact Traveler account.  Plus when people you invite add Impact Boosters to their Brazil trip itineraries, you could earn even more rewards!